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Using Loops and Beats in Your Music. What next?

Q & AI got this question from a very good songwriter in one of my courses. He was wondering about using samples that are longer and more music-based than a one-bar percussion loop. These samples might consist of an acoustic rhythm guitar playing a 4-bar chord progression or a keyboard or even a whole band that can be looped to form a song section.

You’ll find these kinds of loops in “construction kits” from Big Fish Audio or websites like Splice. They can be a great way to launch yourself into a song or even a new genre.

My student was asking me if it’s okay to pitch song demos using these loops. Will there be a problem with music publishers and Film & TV music libraries? Is it legal? Will he need to tell them what he’s doing?  I’m not a lawyer and I can’t give legal advice (disclaimer disclaimer) but I do have some thoughts for you if you’re doing this or considering it.

Check the agreement

Anytime you buy a loop, sample, or construction kit, you are agreeing to something. That Agreement will be somewhere on the website or in the packaging. Be sure to read it carefully to make certain you’ve got ALL uses covered: Film & TV, your fabulous EP, YouTube video, streaming services, even live performance, and anything else you think will happen in this crazy musical universe of ours. Make sure you have permission. Download the agreement and keep it somewhere safe, somewhere you can find it when you need it.

Even then, there are additional things to think about. Continue reading “Using Loops and Beats in Your Music. What next?”

Song Starter: Say YES!

Having trouble getting a song started? Try this idea: Just say YES! Here’s how.

Say YES!Imagine yourself…
Walking on the beach or…
Hugging someone you love or…
Dancing at a party or nightclub or…
Hanging out with friends or…
Anything you like.

Now, do these five things…

  1. Write a list of phrases describing how you feel. Say YES to every phrase.
  2. Choose four to six phrases and put them in any order. Say YES to the order.
  3. Play a groove on guitar or keyboard or just tap your foot and clap your hands. Say YES to the groove.
  4. Sing a melody to the beat using your phrases. Say YES to the melody.
  5. Add chords that go with your melody. Say YES to the chords.

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What Do Words Really Mean?

What do words mean? Well, the answer is obvious, isn’t it? We use words every day, all day long, and other people understand us, right? So, words mean what we think they mean. You can look in any dictionary to see what they mean.

But that’s not all there is to it. Words mean so much more than the dictionary definition. There are words that  have many shades of meaning.  And there are emotional associations that every hearer will have based on their own experience. It’s these additional meanings that songwriters and poets use to communicate things that are hard to say.

I want to know what you mean

Listeners are not mind readers. If you tell me your favorite color is blue, I don’t know what shade of blue you’re thinking of. Maybe you love royal blue but hate turquoise blue. You know what color you’re visualizing when you say “blue” but I don’t. So, what does the word “blue” really mean, then? I’ll understand you better if you tell me more about what shade of blue is in your mind.  Continue reading “What Do Words Really Mean?”