Songwriting Habits: Make Them Work For You

Habits: We all have them. Good habits, ones like exercising or flossing, can be a big plus, helping you improve your life without even thinking about it. Bad habits – well, we all know what those are and we’ve all got ’em – can be a drag on your life and keep you from achieving  your goals.

As in life, so in songwriting. There are good songwriting habits that can help you achieve your goals faster, and bad habits that can cause you to write the same unsuccessful song over and over.

Have you ever noticed yourself falling into the same melody, chord, or lyric writing patterns in song after song? This is songwriting from habit. Often it means you’re writing the first thing that occurs to you. It could be a chord progression or melody style you’ve heard over and over again in the music you grew up with. It became so ingrained that it now feels natural and spontaneous.

Sometimes we mistake this for an “authentic voice.” But it’s no more authentic than anything else. It’s just what comes out of you first. Continue reading “Songwriting Habits: Make Them Work For You”

No More Writers Block

At one point in my career, I had to write three to four songs a week for a television series. Writer’s block was simply not an option. If I failed to turn in my songs on time, the show came to a swift and expensive stop! Early on, I learned an important lesson: Writer’s block is not about a lack of creativity; it’s about identifying and solving a problem so you can get on with things. Continue reading “No More Writers Block”