Develop a Verse from a Chorus

Q: How do I develop a verse from a chorus and how do I to create a strong transition between sections?

A: For writing a verse based on a chorus, think “contrast.” If the chorus is in a high note range, try a verse melody in a low note range. If the chorus melody has a smooth flow, try a Continue reading “Develop a Verse from a Chorus”

Linking Verse and Chorus

Q: Arash asks… I have written a good chorus but the verse I wrote for it sounds like it doesn’t belong to that chorus musically.. What can I do?

A: There could be a few things causing this…

1. In today’s successful songs, the chords in both the verse and chorus are usually very similar. Check to see if your chords have changed too much, if you’ve moved too far outside the key, if you’re changing chords too frequently in your verse. Continue reading “Linking Verse and Chorus”