No More Writers Block

At one point in my career, I had to write three to four songs a week for a television series. Writer’s block was simply not an option. If I failed to turn in my songs on time, the show came to a swift and expensive stop! Early on, I learned an important lesson: Writer’s block is not about a lack of creativity; it’s about identifying and solving a problem so you can get on with things. Continue reading “No More Writers Block”

Rhymes – Not As Important As You Think!

Working on an early draft of a song?  Don’t worry about rhyming too early. Forcing a rhyme can twist your song out of shape, making a line sound unnatural. Worse, it can make you say something you don’t mean. That’s when listeners start to tune out. Instead…

1st: Say what you want to say. Write a couple of lines that express the heart of your song. (Don’t think about rhyming.) Continue reading “Rhymes – Not As Important As You Think!”

Develop a Verse from a Chorus

Q: How do I develop a verse from a chorus and how do I to create a strong transition between sections?

A: For writing a verse based on a chorus, think “contrast.” If the chorus is in a high note range, try a verse melody in a low note range. If the chorus melody has a smooth flow, try a Continue reading “Develop a Verse from a Chorus”

How to Rewrite Your Melody

Q:  I usually get stuck on the first melody that I think of but all my melodies are starting to sound the same. How can I rewrite my melody?

A: Most of use know how to rework a song lyric to make it stronger but melodies are often left out of the rewriting process. Try these tips to work on  your lead melody line:

1. Break up a series of similar lines into different lengths. Turn a long line into two shorter phrases or run two short phrases together by adding notes/words.  Continue reading “How to Rewrite Your Melody”