Write a Memorable Title

by Robin Frederick
COACH-THINKINGThe title of a song is almost always a featured line in the song itself, often the first line or last line of the chorus, making it the line that listeners remember long after the song is over. A good title is intriguing, evocative, and memorable. The best titles sum up the heart and soul of a song, recalling the whole experience for listeners, making them want to go back and listen again.

Keep it brief.  A good title should be easy to remember and get to the point, so consider keeping it short. Titles like “Everybody Talks,” “What Now?” “Roar,” and “Wrecking Ball” are all brief, intriguing, and easy to remember. Long titles can work if you use a familiar phrase like ”I Just Called to Say I Love You” or “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” which are easier to recall. To be safe, stick to five words or less. While it’s not a rule, it’s a good idea to keep in mind. Continue reading “Write a Memorable Title”

Turn a Poem Into a Song Lyric

PoetPoetry is often defined as putting the greatest amount of meaning into the fewest possible words. This holds true for song lyrics, too. So if you’re a poet, you’ve got a great start on songwriting. But there are a few differences, too.

Long ago, all poems were sung to music but now we tend to write them down and read them on the page. People read them at their own pace, taking all the time they need to understand and react to each line. But songs roll by at the music’s pace. Listeners need to understand enough on the fly to be drawn into the lyric and stay involved. So, poets, try these ideas when writing song lyrics or turning a poem into a lyric…

1. Give listeners enough time to absorb each image or poetic device. Try spreading out your images and metaphors over several lines rather than piling on several at once. Make each image or idea the focus of at least one line. If your lines are short, then spend two or more lines on it. Add more information to give listeners deeper insight into your idea and allow them to fully take it in before moving on.  Continue reading “Turn a Poem Into a Song Lyric”

VIDEO: Secrets of Hit Songwriting – “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz

“I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz was a #1 hit single and continues to be a favorite  with listeners. It’s a great example of an upbeat, feel-good song that has plenty of creativity, fresh lyrics, and an an irresistible melody. Find out how he does it and then learn how you can use these same songwriting techniques in songs of your own! I’ll walk you through this hit song and show you step-by-step!

Video #6: Find the Melody in Your Lyric

A memorable melody will bring listeners back to your song over and over. But where do you start? The natural melody of speech will give you the raw material for a song that’s focused and original! Learn how to look for the melody in your lyrics and begin building an unforgettable chorus.