Make Your Melodies Memorable and Original

Today’s melodies and, in fact, many of the great melodies of past decades rely on a handful of techniques to create that special something that keeps them sounding fresh and easy to remember.

Here’s a checklist that will help you make sure your melody has everything it needs before you launch it into the world.

1. Does your melody convey the structure of your song?

If your song has a VERSE / CHORUS structure, make sure listeners know where they are by creating plenty of contrast in the melody between these two sections. Try jumping to higher note range for the chorus or changing from a choppy melody in the verse to a smooth one in the chorus, or from short melodic phrases to long ones. Contrast between sections grabs attention and keeps your melody from sounding like it’s wandering aimlessly. Listeners like to have a sense of “place” in a song. They want to know where they are.  Continue reading “Make Your Melodies Memorable and Original”