VIDEO: Secrets of Hit Songwriting – “I Drive Your Truck” – Lee Brice

This Contemporary Country hit is an emotional powerhouse! Study this song for ideas on lyric imagery and an easy-to-use melody tip that will add a current , competitive edge to songs in all genres. I’ll walk you through this song step-by-step and show you how it’s all put together to create an unforgettable experience for the listener.



To Rhyme Or Not to Rhyme

I got an email from someone who felt that I might be slighting the importance of serious rhyming in songwriting. I had suggested that when working up the raw material or first draft of a song, songwriters don’t need to focus on rhyming. If a rhyme happens to come along, hang on to it, but keep your focus on communicating emotion.  The reason I wrote this is because I often see lyrics that have sacrificed meaning or depth for a rhyme. Continue reading “To Rhyme Or Not to Rhyme”