Lyrics: Write a Strong Opening

Question from a songwriter: “I have trouble coming up with the first line of a song. I try not to write the first line as something obvious and cliche  but I can’t seem to figure out how to keep it from being too vague.”

Answer: A strong opening for your song is essential – it may make the difference between keeping a listener tuned in  or losing them. You’re right about not wanting to be vague! Here are a few ideas…

1)  After you have a first draft of your song, check to see whether your second verse is stronger than your first. This can happen as you get deeper into the song and know more about what you want to say. Try opening with your second verse and writing a new one to replace it.

2)  If the song is addressed to “you,” what is the one big, emotional statement you want to make to that person? Try starting with that if you’re not using it somewhere else in the song. If you are already using it, try backing up a step and imagine the line that would come just BEFORE you said that.  Continue reading “Lyrics: Write a Strong Opening”