Song Starter: Say “YES”

Having trouble getting a song started? Try this idea: Just say “YES!” Here’s how.

Say YES!Imagine yourself…
Walking on the beach or…
Being hugged by someone you love or…
Petting your favorite animal or…
Playing a game with children or… anything you like.

  1. Write a list of phrases describing how you feel. Say YES to every phrase.
  2. Choose four to six phrases and put them in any order. Say YES to the order.
  3. Play a groove on guitar or keyboard or just tap your foot and clap your hands. Say YES to the groove.
  4. Sing a melody to the beat using your phrases. Say YES to the melody.
  5. Add chords that go with your melody. Say YES to the chords.

There’s your first draft of a verse or chorus. Keep saying YES until you finish your first draft. THEN you can rewrite.

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May your songs flow! – Robin 🙂

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