When Do YOU Write Songs?

I’m always curious about how other songwriters approach their craft. Maybe they’ve got some clever tricks I could use. Or maybe I’d just like to be reassured that we all do things basically the same way, that I’m not out on some weird, lonely trail all by myself.

So a while ago, I started asking other songwriters the question: “When do you write songs?” I got a wide range of answers – some expected, some not.

The “happy accident” approach
The largest number of songwriters basically said: “I write when I feel inspired.” No surprise there. When an idea hits you that’s obviously a good time to write.

Many said they try to write at least one day per week. Pro songwriters write more often than that, usually every day. Even if you don’t have gobs of time to spend on your songs, you can do something related to your songwriting every couple of days. Here are some ideas… Continue reading “When Do YOU Write Songs?”